Deep Tissue Massage Clearwater

Deep Tissue Massage ClearwaterDeep Tissue Massage Clearwater

What is Deep Tissue Massage – Clearwater?

A Deep Tissue Massage in Clearwater is aimed at the deep tissue structures of the muscle, connective tissue, ligaments, and fascia. The muscles, ligaments, and connective tissue located below the surface of the top muscles are the targeted area for deep tissue massage. At times, a Deep Tissue Massage in Clearwater can be similar to Swedish bodywork, except that the pressure applied during the deep tissue massage is typically more targeted and intense. Deep Tissue Massage Clearwater is especially helpful for muscles that have chronic tension, stiffness, or a limited range of motion. A typical problem area that deep tissue bodywork would be useful for is lower back pain, stiff neck, or sore shoulders.


Who should get a Deep Tissue Massage – Clearwater?

Deep Tissue Bodywork is not only recommended for people who usually engage in heavy or intense physical activity, but also for people who are desk jockeys during the day. Office workers in Clearwater typically need deep tissue bodywork because of the repetition of movements that accompany work in an office environment. Combine that routine with inadequate stretching and range of motion exercises, and you have a person that is in need of deep tissue massage work in Clearwater. In summary, the people that should get a deep tissue body massage in Clearwater, Dunedin, Palm Harbor and Tarpon Springs range from active lifestyles like construction workers, athletes, marathoners, triathletes, swimmers, body builders, weight lifters to more sedentary occupations such as secretary, doctor, attorney, office worker, librarian, and the like. When getting Deep Tissue Massage work always advise your Clearwater therapist of the desired pressure.


Will a Deep Tissue Massage hurt?

Here is where one will get all kinds of differing opinions on Deep Tissue Bodywork from Clearwater therapists and clients. Some people will say that it’s not deep tissue massage unless there is pain accompanied with the bodywork, while others state that it’s just a deep tissue rub treatment with added pressure and there should be no pain. The reason for all of these varying opinions is because every body, and everybody, has a different pain threshold when it comes to deep tissue bodywork in Clearwater. Some athletes are so acclimated to intense pain that when they get a strong deep tissue massage they say that it feels good. On the other hand, someone who has never had a regular massage, let alone deep tissue work, gets baptized with a deep tissue rub will probably experience pain followed by soreness for a day or two, which is not unusual. Lastly, Clearwater residents who get normal massages on a regular basis expect a slight discomfort with a deep tissue rub, but they know that the temporary discomfort from deep tissue work will be well worth the overall feeling of better health and improved range of motion the next day. Also, after any type of bodywork, especially deep tissue bodywork, drink large quantities of water to flush the lactic acid out of the muscle tissue. By drinking a lot of water, you will shorten the time frame of the soreness as well.


What are the benefits of Deep Tissue Massage – Clearwater?

While traditional massage therapy in Clearwater focuses on relaxation (swedish massage), deep tissue massage penetrates deeper to relieve knots, stiffness, lactic acid build up, and chronic muscular pain. Some deep tissue therapy specific benefits include:
  • Relief from chronic pain
  • Improved range of motion
  • Alleviate muscle tightness & spasms
  • Correct postural deficiencies
  • Quicker recovery period from injuries (e.g. sports injury, car accident, whiplash)
  • Relief from arthritis pain
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Relief from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Promotes overall health & wellness
As mentioned earlier, it can not be emphasized enough, please drink a lot of water to flush all the lactic acid build up out of the muscle tissues. It is extremely important to do this so proper healing can occur within the muscle tissue and fascia.


How fast will I get results with a Deep Tissue Massage?

This answer to this question is different for every individual. If you, for the first time, just acquired some soreness or a knot, then the recovery period will be much quicker than someone who has had chronic stiffness for years. You can shorten the recover period by stretching consistently and drinking plenty of water. Also, recovery periods can be reduced by implementing a good stretching and exercise routine. Yoga is also a great way to avoid the chronic pains and stiffness that accompany repetitive work routines.

If you have specific questions about Deep Tissue Massage, that are not addressed here, then please call me on my cell phone, 727-580-0131, and I will be happy to address them.


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