Reiki Massage Clearwater:


Although Jenny from Clearwater Massage Therapy is not a formally trained practitioner of Reiki, clients have repeatedly told Jenny that she has healing hands. Nonetheless, here is brief overview of the origins of Reike Massage, the intent of the Reiki technique, and how practitioners are using it today.


Reiki, originally created in 1922 by a Japenese Budhist named Mikao Usui, as a spiritual practice has since developed into a form of Massage Therapy. The technique is called palm healing or hands on healing. According to Wikipedia, Reiki is considered a form of complementary therapy and is sometimes classified as oriental medicine by some medical professionals. Traditionally, practitioners or Reiki Massage believed that there was a transference of Ki, energy or life force, and the healing process was quickened.


The Japanese use Reiki as a stress reduction technique, and Reiki Massage is supposed to promote the healing process. Looking back at the etymology of the word Reiki, it’s a combination of 2 words. First, is “Rei” which means “God’s wisdom or the higher power.” Secondly, is Ki which means “life force energy.” So putting the meaning of two components of Reiki together and you have “spiritually guided life force energy.”


Practitioners of Reiki Massage in Clearwater claim that Reiki treats the whole body: spirit, mind & body. Then again, most people after a good thorough massage, Reiki or otherwise, feel better in the spirit, body, and mind. Consequently, Reiki doesn’t have the exclusive rights on the well-being claim. There are many types of Massages in Clearwater, by many practitioners, that can produce a more euphoric feeling of mind, body, and spirit. The key is to find a masseuse that suits your individual needs. Most importantly, you should have a massage therapist that is tuned into your individual needs. The top massage therapists are very intuitive while working on their clients. They just seem to find those problem areas naturally.