I’ve had quite a few massages by Jenny and she is by far the best for a professional massage in Clearwater. Not only does she relieve aches and pains, but she gives you advice on how to prevent that pain in the future . . .
Jenny wants you to get better. I would definitely give her a try. You won’t regret it. – Aleece Q., Teacher
Jenny from Clearwater Massage Therapy came to my home to give me a prenatal massage to relieve some of my pregnancy aches and pains and it was heaven!
She made me feel completely relaxed and at-ease and after the massage, my tension had melted away. If your getting a massage in Clearwater, then I highly recommend Jenny! – Julie, Mother
I highly recommend using Jenny as your Clearwater massage therapist!!!!!
I wont go to anyone else! Completely professional and always punctual. – Don
 “I would like to tell you about my personal experience with Jenny as my Massage Therapist in Clearwater, I would not have any one else do Therapeutic, Lymph drainage or Swedish treatment to me.  I have had many massages in my life time.  Jenny is one of the best Massage Therapists in Clearwater.
 I do highly recommend Jenny Vacco, with the utmost confidence she has the ability of assessment, judgment and expertise.  She would be an asset to you.”
 Louise Pace
 I was having terrible hip pain for about a year after an injury from over doing it at the gym.  I finally decided to go for deep tissue massage in Clearwater.  After Jenny worked on me for about two months, I went twice a month the pain was literally gone.  After the first visit I felt better.  I am so grateful for finding her magic hands! Sherry
 I’ve had back and neck issues since I can remember and I’ve tried chiropractors, different massage therapists, and even acupuncture in an attempt to alleviate my discomfort and it wasn’t until I was lucky enough to meet Jenny that I finally got a massage that got rid of my back and neck aches.  Not only was Jenny able to help out my neck and back she was even able to give me a few tips of what I may be doing that is causing my discomfort.  Jenny is very professional, kind, and experienced and I’d probably still be in pain today if it wasn’t for her; I highly recommend Clearwater Massage Therapy.Rob
Jenny Vacco is a lifesaver for me. I have suffered from Fibromyalgia for the past 10 years. I have tried many different types of treatment (including acupuncture, pain meds, physical therapy, etc.). I have found that massage therapy gives me some relief from the muscle spasms and tender points that I have. After going place to place and trying many different therapists, I have found that Jenny has been by far the best therapist in Clearwater that has treated me. She is very knowledgeable about the illness and it’s treatments. When I go in for a massage, she always seems to know where it hurts without me telling her. I have been her client for 2 years now, and plan on staying her client for many more years to come.
~Jennifer B
 ”My body tells me when I need a massage, I feel tense, stressed, with muscle tightness at the top of my shoulders, neck & lower back areas. After a deep tissue massage in Clearwater with Jenny, the best way to describe is it that:
• ’I feel like a wet noodle’, relaxed and all the tension & stress are gone.
• My body even feels lighter. Jenny’s deep tissue massage reliefs all the knots in my shoulders neck & back.
• I can have a conversation, or move into deep relaxation and enjoy the moment of peace and tranquility.
• Jenny is a very nurturing person – friendly, yet professional.
• She wants the best experience for her clients.
• I have had many massages, and Jenny is the best, by far.
I would go without new shoes, before I gave up my scheduled massage every three weeks with Jenny.”
Thank you, Jenny
 ”I went to Jenny for a massage and gave her unique instructions, ‘My right arm and my right lower back hurts so much that I physically can’t set at a computer long enough to concentrate on anything.’ In her calm supportive manner Jenny said, ‘let me have a look at that.’ I must confess to a degree of doubt when she DIDN’T massage my arm but went to the scapula and worked in, under and around it. Miraculously, she CORRECTED it! When I left her warm table I sat down at my computer and finished typing my 2000 word essay for school. ‘Jenny brings the ability to mentally engage me in her massage work. I so appreciate understanding what and why she is doing this work for.’ If I have a concern about my body she is so in tune with it and can recommend many body movements that help strengthen your core.” Thanks!

-Cathie :)